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6 Packs Of 2 x 4 Kg Water Softening Block Salt

6 Packs Of 2 x 4 Kg Water Softening Block Salt

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6 Packs Of 2 x 4 Kg Water softening tablets for commercial and domestic usage.


Delivery will take place within 1- 5 working days of you placing your order.

Suitable for Kinetico, Harvey, Twintec, Dual Flow, Mini Max and all other makes of block salt softeners. Product comes in a bag with a handle. Each pack contains two 4kg blocks. 


- High Sodium Chloride (NaCl) purity of 99.5%,

- Low moisture content of 0.2%,

- Calcium content 0.02%,

- Magnesium content 0.1%,

- Low Insoluble Matter 0.1%

Blocks comply with BS EN 973-2009 and internationally recognised specification for salt used in water treatment applications.

Our block salt is ergonomically designed to fit neatly and easily into your softener unit. The salt has been compacted into easy-to load blocks so you don't have to worry about replenishing with heavy bags of tablet salt and creating a mess. The  salt comes in easy-to- carry, robust, weatherproof bags with a convenient handle to transport it.

Block Salt is available in 8kg bags which contain two 4kg blocks. 

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