Can I use the block salt in a tablet salt machine ?

Yes, as long as the machine runs on salt and our blocks fit in the machine, it isn't a problem.

What machines does Siwa Salt work with ?

Most machines, the block machines can fit in all other block machines, it doesn't fit in curved block or tiny block machines.

How can I store these and how long for?

Salt does not decay, as long as it is kept dry and cool it can last up an extremely long time.

How are the blocks packed?

Our salt blocks are split into pairs and wrapped, each block weighs 4kg, there are 3 wrapped packs in a box. So our 3 packs comes as 6 blocks in one box.

I subscribed and haven't received a promo code?

Send an email to me at Sherif@siwasalt.ltd and I will make sure you receive a promo code promptly.



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